Authors:Vidoje Golubovi─ç, Dimitrije Vujadinovi─ç; Publisher: State Archives of Serbia; September 2021

This publication completes the multi-year┬áBalkankult Project - Culture of Remembrance of the Great …
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Development of private museums in Serbia


Within the framework of a multi-year research project Development of private museums in Serbia, the book STORYTELLING MUSEUM is published. Welcome to the story about our family which has for several centuries practised winegrape farming and making wine. Also, our family has a century and a half long tradition of rational beekeeping. Our family museum epitomizes our faith and belief in the culture of remembrance. Although a museum of past days and events, it is nevertheless suited to the needs of present time and science. It is our mission that every visitor, be it a school child or a professor, learns something new and useful, and to remember their visit as a pleasurable event. The book is the result of a two-year research within the project Development of private museums in Serbia.

Author, Danica Radovic



A new book of the Balkankult

 The position of women on the domestic battlefront and occupied territories during the First World War, as well as its consequences in the context of gender relations post-war, certainly necessitate comprehensive research. In addition to being a historical turning point of the social processes involving the position of women in the countries participating in the war, it also served as a foundation of modern movements. The book Serbian Heroin of the Great War is the result of a one-year research.

Author, Dimitrije Vujadinovic



ÔÇťMines of CultureÔÇŁ is the project project of multilateral, international, interdisciplinary. ┬áMoreover, a second expanded edition of the ÔÇťMines of CultureÔÇŁ monograph was also published in English. Through the advocacy activities and the exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practices, as well as lectures, workshops, public forums,ÔÇŽ as well as promotional activities, web portal and social networks, the project has so far communicated to tens of thousands of citizens, primarily in former mining sites in all the countries of the former Yugoslavia and beyond.┬á[BK]

Nova publikacija

LIČNI STAV - Zapisi o kulturnoj politici

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Razvoj privatnih muzeja kolekcija u Srbiji

Instruktivni vodic


Cilj instruktivnog seminara i ovog vodi─Źa jeste da svi koji imaju┬ánameru da svoje kolekcije stave na uvid javnosti, kao i oni koji su to┬ádo sada uradili, dobiju konkretnu izlaga─Źku i organizaciono-finansijsku┬ástru─Źnu pomo─ç, da postanu na zanimljiv i samoodr┼żivi na─Źin dostupni┬ájavnosti, kao i da ih pove┼żemo sa zainteresovanim privrednim┬ásubjektima, pre svega sa turisti─Źkim operaterima.


Razvoj privatnih muzeja kolekcija u Srbiji

Zbornik radova

Akademik Dejan Medaković, prof.  dr Dragan Bulatović, mr Hristina Mikić, dr Branko Krasojević, Branislav Savić,  Aleksandar Pedović, Danica Radović, Dimitrije Vujadinović




Umetnost i autorska prava

"Autorska prava i umetnost" je drugo izdanje iz serijala Svetske organizacije za intelektualnu svojinu (WIPO),"Učite na pro┼ílosti, stvarajte budućnost" namenjeno mladima. Ovaj serijal pokrenut je zbog va┼żne uloge koju deca i mladi imaju u kreiranju budućnosti.


NEW BOOKS - Sveti jezik vlaškog hleba

by Paun Es Durlić

Materials for the book are collected within the project "Vlach bread ritual and pomane," which launched Paun Es Durlić, curator of the museum in Majdampek and only Serbian ethnologist, Vlah originating from eastern Serbia. In this picture the first time the general public shows one aspect of the spiritual culture of the Vlachs in eastern Serbia,  Read more...



Six millennia long history of bread

By Heinrich Eduard Jacob


In a very rich literature on the bread, this book well-known German writer Heinrich Eduard Jacob definitely has a special place. Revealing six millennia long history of bread, the author points out the importance of his early related to Egyptian culture. Expressing the specificity of each culture, the bread was from the beginning was not only the importance of immediate utility, but also a more spiritual meaning related to the realization of maintenance and extension of the secrets of life. Author sees this dimension of the bread from the Egyptian belief over eleuzinsk mystery to Christianity and determined that the most religious cults, embodied in the relevant myths, gods related to bread. Another important aspect in the history of bread is a socio-political, a time of great famine shows how bread is a kind of metaphor for human life.
The book is one of the capital works of cultural heritage and represents an important basis for understanding the history and culture of our basic food. [BK] 



By Talkott Parsons

Thanks to significant support Balkankult Foundation in August came from the press is a capital work Social System, author: Talkott Parsons

Translated by: Milan Brdar.

Publishing: Knji┼żarnica Zoran Stojanovic

This work is a winner, "Milos Djuric N." for 2009. year in humanities, which awarded the Association of Literary Translators of Serbia.



Hleb na 200 načina

by Dimitrije Vujadonović


Practical Book "living recipes" for preparing bread, pastry and cakes and dough. Contemporary designed, richly illustrated with 200 color photographs and hard cover. The book can be found recipes of our popular breads, ritual breads, cakes, biscuits, muffins, pies, cakes and breads piquant.




Nordic chef

Multikultur i Norden en kokbok

Nordic chef is unusual to me about the culture of a region's cuisine of the people, who have much in common, but at the same time, and special. This reading is not only a convenient cook, but more than that! This is an exciting story about the nature, customs and life in general in northern Europe. From this book we learn how the peoples of the north in time patiently shaped their culture (cuisine) always accepting, but also impacting on the changes: the natural environment, new experiences, the social status of families and individuals in the family, the sacred and the profane, health status and disease , Understanding of masculinity and femininity, changes in age - childhood and maturity.

Publication of this book significantly helped the Nordic Ministerial Council, as part of Nordic-Balkan cooperation.


Glass, Glass Paste and Gagat Bracelets in Lower Panonia

Svetlane Saranovic Svetek

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Mobility of Artist and Cultural Professionals in South Eastern Europe

Book about mobility

Balkankult Foundation has published book Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals in South Eastern Europe. It contains mutual research that we have done with EricARTS Institute from Bonn. This publication is in English and it could be bought for 15 euros. More info about it you can find on our website.





A book "Potatoe Bread"

By Augustin Parmentier

A truly unusual issue is before us, for the first time printed by the Royal Press in Paris in 1779. The basic subject is how to make bread out of potato flour. However, this work is much more complex. It is also an autobiographical testimony about the struggle of a progressive and creative mind against prejudice, primitivism, pseudo scientists and unreasonable evidence, in a war against the greatest enemy of the human kind and today actualized rider of Apocalypse - Hunger!  Two or three hundred years afterwards this ecxiting book is getting its first reprint edition in Serbian language.



Essays on Development of private museums in Serbia

BalkanKult foundation has prepared this Journal of Essays

As a result of a Round table devoted to the subject of Development of private museums in Serbia, BalkanKult foundation has prepared this Journal of Essays, by renowned scholars, based on their presentations prepared for the purpose of this Round table.










Ninth millenium goal



  Ninth millenium goal by Dimitrije Vujadinović

  Author's comments on culture and cultural policies in Serbia




The Calendar of Cultural Manifestation

The Calendar of Cultural Manifestation in Vojvodina for the year 2009 by Dimitrije Vujadinovic Publ…

Cultural diplomacy

Balkankult Foundation

Cultural diplomacy is gathering two papers written by Margaret J. Wyszomirski (Christopher Burgess, Catherine Peila) and Cynthia P. Schneider for the purposes of research series on cultural diplomacy. 

The papers explore the significance of cultural diplomacy in building international cultural relations through the experiences of Ambassador Schneider in the Netherlands and case studies of 9 EU countries explored by Margaret Wyszomirski and co-authors Christopher Burgess and Catherine Peila. 


Secret history of literature

Balkankult foundation & Izdavacka knji┼żarnica Zorana Stojanovica







European Cultural Networks


 European Cultural Networks - information on 170 cultural networks influencing the European cultural field.

 This Directory contains data on cultural networks from various fields in arts and culture - cultural   management, performing arts, film, media and communications, education, publishing, etc. 

The price of the directory is 15 EUR (plus postage expenses) and it can be ordered via e mail


Cultural manifestations in Vojvodina Province for 2005


More than 150 cultural manifestations in

Vojvodina Province, including the manifestations

of the minorities and ethnic groups



Green Paper on Cultural Policies of Local and Regional Authorities in Europe


"Green Paper" is divided into four main themes: the place of local and regional authorities in the cultural sector in Europe, Cultural Policy in Europe, the implementation of cultural policy in local government and suggestions for the future.   An analysis of the place of local government in the cultural sector in Europe focuses on its capacity to provide the public with the key to an understanding of the world that is not solely based on profit, economics and mass consumption. [BK]      

Calendar of Cultural Manifestations in Vojvodina

 Download: Children's manifestations      

 Visual arts   Literature                                           

 Heritage and folklore

 Film and performing arts

 Music                  [BK]                                       

Cultural Article 151


The role of the European Community concerning the Cultural Article 151
in the Treaty of Amsterdam, by Dr. Joost Smiers

Sustaining the development of intercultural competence within Europe

Download: Article 151


Intellectual Property

BalkanKult and the Intellectual Property Office of Serbia and Montenegro have jointly published the Serbian language edition of:

 "Intellectual Property ÔÇô A Powerful Tool for Economic Growth"

by Dr. Kamil Idriz, Director,  World Intellectual Property Organization (Geneva) and Vice Director of the OUN.
The book presents an instruction how the possibilities of intellectual property should be used. Its importance represents on the best way the importance of intellectual property ÔÇô it will have sucess, financial resources, power and knowledge for its own benefit and a benefit of its people. [BK]

Arts Organizations and their Education Programmes

Arts Organizations and their Education Programmes:
Responding to a Need of Change
by Tuula Yrj├Â-Koskinen.



Present and Future Role of Foundations

Present and Future Role of Foundations
in Cultural Funding and Policymaking in the Balkans  

ÔÇťCreative Europe" ÔÇô A Project of the
European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research - ERICarts

Download: Round_Table_Report


Culture State ÔÇô Individual Museum by Prof. Dr. Andreas Wiesand

What is taking place in contemporary societies to the effect that instead of national culture, the term State culture is being increasingly used?

Is it really possible for a State to fit in in its framework a cultural being of one nation, to manage it and develop it suit its adequate and desired goals? [BK]

Download: Drzava_kulture.pdf


Funding the Future

Funding the Future ÔÇô Mannual for Fundraising

in the Arts by Andrew McIlroy.

Download: Uladanje_u_buducnost.pdf




Balancing Act: 21 Strategic Dilemmas in Cultural Policy

Serbian edition of the book Balancing Act: 21 Strategic Dilemmas in Cultural Policy by Francois Matarasso and Charles Landry, Council of Europe. [BK]

Download: Uravnotezenje_delovanja.pdf

Models for the Protection of Rights in the Field of Literature

Models for the Protection of Rights in the Field of Literature  is a collection of works from the regional seminar with the same title which was held in October 2002 in Belgrade in the framework of the Belgrade Book Fair and was co-organized by BalkanKult. Authors whose works are presented in this collection took part in this seminar, among other experts for copyright from Norway, Finland, Great Britain, Slovakia and from the Balkan region. [BK]

Download: Autorska_prava1.pdf

Culture Industries

Culture Industries 

The "Culture industries" collection of works can be bought in BalkanKult Foundation offices, Trg Nikole Pasica 1, Belgrade or ordered via e-mail



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