Мeeting of Founders and Management Board members

December 26, 2017

At the founding meeting of the Foundation held on December 26, 2017, it was decided to extend the mandate of the Management Board members.
At the meeting of the Management Board of the Foundation, it was decided to extend the mandate of the president and the director of the Foundation.

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About Balkankult


From everything that man erects and builds in his urge for living, nothing is in my eyes better and more valuable than bridges. They are more important than houses, more sacred than shrines. Belonging to everyone and being equal to everyone, useful, always built with sense, on the spot where most human needs are crossing, they are more durable than other buildings and they do not serve for anything secret or bad.

Nobel Prize Winner Ivo Andrić ''The Bridges''
    BalkanKult foundation is the first regional cultural foundation in the Balkans. It has been made out of a need expressed through the work of cultural practicioners and artists in order to create new cultural environments. It is founded on the experiences of the BalkanKult Association, established in 1999 in Sarajevo.
•  Promotion of international cultural cooperation
•  Support mobility of people, ideas and expertise
•  Development of cultural diversity
•  Development of creative industries
•  Enlargement of cultural market
•  Research and publishing activities
 Mobility fund
•  We established the fund which support artists and practitioners, including policy makers, to trevel in order to show their works and exchange experiences with colleagues from Europe and world and make long term contacts
 Main projects
•  Problems and Opportunities For Cultural Cooperation
    inside the Balkan Region - SWOT
•  Euroregions – cutlural cooperation in Euroregions in the SE Europe
    especially in the field of cultural tourism
•  Creative Europe
•  Present and Future Role of Foundations in Cultural Funding and
    Policy-Making in the Balkans, Belgrade
•  Against the cultural boredom – international programme – culture in small towns
•  Preserving the intangible culture, music and customs through
    cultural and rural tourism and networking the cities in the Balkan region
•  Models for the Protection of Rights in the Field of Literature
•  In the sounds of the places – music festival and cultural tourism in SEE
•  International relations and perspectives of cultural diplomacy
•  Mobility Matters 
•  Mobility of Artists and Cultural Professionals for the European
•  Council of Europe’s Regional Programme on Cultural
    and Natural Heritage in South East Europe
•  Development of private museums in Serbia
•  Norden Balkan Culture Switch was a long term (2002 – 2006) multilateral
   programme of culture cooperation and networking between cultural institutions,
   practitioners and artists from Nordic and Western Balkan region.
   Programme is coordinatet by The Nordic Council of Ministers and
   Balkankult Association (continuing by Foundation). 
   It has so far consisted of about 40 different projects
   and included more than 30 different institutions from the both regions. 
   As a follow up of this project, new initiatives took place, such as Days of
   Icelandic culture, Days of Lapland culture, Days of Serbian culture in Iceland…
Cultural events
BalkanKult has successfully realised numerous cultural invents by which the cultural bridges have been initiated:
 •  In the sounds of the places – music festival and cultural tourism in SEE
 •  Nordisk panorama, film festival
 •  Against the cultural boredom – culture in small towns
 •  Days of Dutch film in Belgrade
 •  Lapland in Serbia
 •  Zajecar Philosophy School
 •  Danish Film Festival in towns of Serbia and region
 •  The Days of Nordic Culture
 •  Graphic workshop – Belgrade Meetings
 •  Days of Icelandic Culture in Serbia
 •  Days of Serbian Culture in Iceland
 •  Days of Irish Culture in Serbia
 •  Exhibition Eastern Serbia - Undiscovered Culture
 Main partners and financers
Nordic Council of Ministers, Stability Pact for SEE, Council of Europe,  Italian Institute for Culture, European Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Kopinor, Institute ERICarts, Les Rencontres (European Association of Cities and Regions for Culture), Goethe Institute, Embassies of Nordic countries, Zentrum fur Kulturforschung, Association Progetto Musica, Company Actavis,  Company Carlsberg , Delegation of the European Commission in Belgrade, Ministry for Culture of Serbia etc.

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