Eastern partnership as a cultural product

Milica Radenković, associate of the Balkankult Foundation, has participated in the Eastern Partnership Culture Congress in Lublin (Poland) in the period of October 21-23,  2011.
The congress, as part of the bigger project titled "Eastern partnership as a cultural product" has attracted a large number of artists, cultural and academic workers, representatives of NGOs, ministries and local governments from Eastern Europe as well as other European countries (Norway, Spain, Russia, Serbia). The main idea of the congress was to create an enivornment for establishing close dialogue among its participants, a dialogue not divided into speakers and listeners. The congress was not based on the traditional form of presentation, but consisted of thematically assigned creative workshops (culture and education, culture and development, culture and co-existence, culture and organization) whose main goal was to provide suggestions for future activites in certain fields.
In accordance with the basic themes of the congress, Milica Radenković has, in informal discussions, presented the general activities and projects of the Balkankult Foundation aimed at establishing international cooperation through the affirmation of intercultural dialogue. In that context, special emphasis was on the project "Danube - Route of Culture", as a concrete example of supporting artists mobility and development of intercultural dialogue. 

Published: 2011-11-04
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