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Project is aiming to preservation and revalorization of industrial heritage of numerous ex-mines in the states of the former Yugoslavia by inducing local communities towards reuse of existing industrial, architectural and historical resources and conversion of ex-mines into self-sustained cultural public complexes. In order to improve visibility of mining heritage in the region, the project consists of: research on the state of ex-mines; education of all social actors on necessity of protection of mining heritage as well as on available tools, models and strategies, including transfer of know how; advocacy and media campaign; production of mobile exhibition, documentary film and book.

Mines of Culture is a multilateral interdisciplinary cultural cooperation project, supprted by ECF, between Labin Art Express XXI (HR), Association Manifest (BA), NGO Tera Nostra (ME), Balkankult (RS), IRGO – Institute for Mining, Geotechnology and Environment (SI) and Polygon – Centre for Cultural Research and Project Development (HR).

The Secretariat of Culture of AP Vojvodina supported the realization of the project in Serbia.



Meeting of the project team in Labin, 24/25 - 01-2014

 Within the project"Mines of Culture" group of experts from 21 to 23 March 2014 visited several mines, cities and villages in Eastern Serbia

 The project team Mines o Culture held a meeting in Zagreb at the Technical Museum, 10th of May in 2014

Visitit Resavica, May 19

Director of the mines from Serbia visited Idrija, Labin and Trbovlje from 15 to 18 of June  



Project team meeting, Labin 27 September

 International Symposium on the Mining Heritage / generator of cultural, economic and tourism development

Friday, 9/26/2014 / City Library, Labin


The exhibition "Mines culture": Idrija, 27.10.- 01:11. / Nova Gallery (DDT), Trbovlje, 03.-08.11. / Boljevac, 14 to 18:11. / Aleksinac, 20.- 24.11. / Mojkovac, 26.-30.11. / Banovici, 02.-06.12. /Prijedor  08.- 13:12

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