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The BalkanKult Foundation continues the work started and realized by the regional association BalkanKult, established in December 1999, when artists, media representatives, policy makers, researchers and NGO representatives gathered to support cultural cooperation in Southeastern Europe and beyond. The conference gathered 70 participants from 17 European states who agreed to support the establishment of such an important association for cultural cooperation. 
The BalkanKult Association worked as a project coordinator and a mediator in different activities for various partners (state, legal and private institutions, NGOs, etc.) from SE Europe and other parts of Europe. 

Projects and Cultural Events

The BalkanKult Association has successfully realized numerous projects and cultural events within the framework of the regional cooperation and cooperation with other parts of Europe, by which the cultural bridges have been established. The major projects which have made a significant influence on the regional cooperation are:

Problems and Opportunities for Cultural Cooperation inside the Balkan Region - SWOT Analysis
Euroregions – cultural cooperation in Euroregions in the SE Europe, especially in the field of cultural tourism 
Creative Europe – big European project supported by the Council of Europe and realised in cooperation with the EricArts Institute from Bonn. The project has initiated a valuable discussion on what European culture is and what its outcomes are
Norden Balkan Culture Switch is a long-term (2002 – 2005) multilateral programme of cultural cooperation and networking between cultural institutions, practitioners and artists from the Nordic and the Western Balkan region
In the Sound of the Places – music festival in 70 towns of the Western Balkans and northern Italy, in cooperation with the Progetto Musica Association and supported by the Italian government
First Triennial of Balkan Ex-Libris - regional ex-libris competition exhibited all over SEE and Europe (Frankfurt, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš, Sarajevo, Sofia, Chania, Leskovac, Bar, Požarevac, etc). 

Conferences, seminars, round tables

Besides gathering experts who worked on solving concrete problems in the field of culture and cultural production, the Association has been organizing conferences, seminars and round tables which encourage the connecting of cultural practitioners and artists and the establishing of new cultural bridges:

1. Cultural Management and Cultural Industry in the Balkans – Publishing / Film, Budva, December 2000;
2. Film Co-productions, Technical Services and New Possibilities, Belgrade, February, 2001;
3. International Cultural Cooperation: European Cultural Networks, International Foundations and Programmes, National Foundations – Who? What? Where? How?, Belgrade, April 2001;
4. Cultural Management and Cultural Industry in the Balkans – Music / Visual Arts, Belgrade, June 2001;
5. Present and Future Role of Foundations in Cultural Funding and Policymaking in the Balkans, Belgrade, October 2001;
6. Cultural Cooperation in the Euro-region Danube-Kris-Moris-Tisza, Novi Sad, May 2002;
7. Models for the Protection of Rights in the Field of Literature, Belgrade, October 2002;
8. Funding the Future – Role of Cultural Foundations, Funds and Endowments in the SEE, Belgrade, December 2002;
9. High Music Education – Different Aspects, Problems, Development and Results in the Context of Contemporary Culture Situation; Sofia, December 2002;
10. Cultural Tourism in the Euroregion Danube-Kris-Moris-Tisza – Museums and Archaeology – * Possibilities for Cooperation, Novi Sad, February 2003,
11. Protection of Author Rights in the filed of literature, film, applied arts and traditional knowledge, Belgrade, December 2003,
12. Development Aspects of Cultural Tourism in the Western Balkans – Music Festival in the Sounds of the Places, Summer  2004.


Through the cultural policy edition we wish to inform and educate cultural practitioners and artists on their rights and obligations, with the aim of encouraging them to initiate the necessary positive changes in cultural milieus. This is the reason why most of our publications can be downloaded from our website free of charge. 


BalkanKult has already found many partners in the region and within Europe who share its goals and vision.

Some of the regional partners include: Bulgarian Music Information Centre, Sofia, Bulgaria; The Board of Culture, Religion and Heritage of Timis Country, Romania; Montenegro Mobil Art, Podgorica, Montenegro; Rruga Me Pisha Foundation, Tirana, Albania; Centre for Contemporary Arts, Skopje, FRY Macedonia; Center for Contemporary Arts, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova; NGO Development Foundation, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; National Forum for Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria; Beletrina, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Association NEBO, Zagreb, Croatia.
Main partners and financers from Europe in past three years are: Nordic Council of Ministers, Stability Pact for SEE, Council of Europe, Joan Records Music Company, Italian Institute for Culture, European Cultural Foundation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, Kopinor, ERICarts (European Research Institute for Comparative Cultural Policy and the Arts), Les Rencontres (European Association of Cities and Regions for Culture), Goethe Institute Inter Nationes, Zentrum fur Kulturforschung, Association Progetto Musica, ACTAVIS, ZDRAVLJE Actavis Company, Delegation of the European Commission in Belgrade, etc.


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