Folk culture and cultural policy of Serbia

On 10 November 2011 a panel discussion was held on the topic Folk culture and cultural policy of Serbia in the National Theater in Belgrade.   The roundtable was organized as part of project The preservation of folk heritage and cultural policy of Serbia, implemented by the associates of the Balkankult Foundation for the purposes of the Ministry of Culture.

The following topics were discussed:
• Overall situation of folk culture in Serbia
• Review of the system of institutions dealing with the protection and preservation of folk culture and exploring possibilities to improve it
• Political discourse
• Preservation and/or development
• Sector or inter-sector approach – does Serbia have a special cultural policy in this area?
• How to maintain viability of folk culture
• Folk culture and education system
• Amateurism and/or professionalism
• Management issues
• Industrialization of folk culture (creative industries/sectors)
• How to establish links between heritage and economic potentials of tourism, food and drinks industry, festival culture?
• How do private and independent initiatives function – review of various successful experiences and examples
• Priorities that can be realistically achieved?
• Stimulation tools: tax policy, subsidies and other incentives.
• International legal instruments

The discussions were fruitful and constructive. Observations, comments and proposals advanced by participants will be presented in the research materials.

Key note speaker:  Miloš Đurković, Ph.D. philosophy (Institute of European Studies), Dimitrije Vujadinović, moderator, cultural practitioner (Balkankult Foundation) and Milica Radenković, coordinator, cultural practitioner (Balkankult Foundation).

The participants of the round table included: Prof. Dr Vesna Marjanović, ethnologist (Ethnographic Museum); Saša Pančić, painter; Vesna Jokanović, economist (Ministry of Culture); Branko Krasojević, tourist specialist; Vesna Bogunović, cultural practitioner; Nebojša Milikić, Rex; Oliver Đordjević,  editor of magazine “Etnoumlje”; dr Jelena Jovanović, ethno-musicologist; Dragan Pantelić, art director of private Cultural/Art Society – Talija; Jasmina Milojević, ethno-musicologist; Ivan Zlatković, M.A., Civil Association “Heritage and Future – Aranđelovac 1859“ ;  Dragana Stojanović, lecturer at High School for Professional Studies for Educators in Kikinda, Traditional Dances Educator: Gordana Đerić, senior adviser of the Institute for European Studies: Kristina Planjanin Simić, High School for Professional Studies for Educators in Kikinda: Slobodan Balać, High School for Professional Studies for Educators in Kikinda.


Published: 2011-11-24

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