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Opening of the exhibition and panels: "Milunka Savić and the heroines of the Great War"

Novi Sad, 1. Decembar

Historical sources are extremely scarce to shed light on the role of Serbian women in the Great War. It is difficult to reconstruct the atmosphere of the war and what those who remained in the occupied territories were going through. After the war, they were mostly forgotten heroines, only a few of them received some recognition. They were not even recognized the right to vote in the new state! To this day, after a hundred years, not a single monument has been erected to that heroic woman in Serbia. Of the documentary material, these are, in the first place, authentic photographs that were taken all over Serbia by the enemy himself, and which are all the more impressive. They vividly depict the constant struggle and life of women in Serbia during the Great War and are more convincing than a thousand words.

Speaking at the opening ceremony were Batrić Ćalović, president of the "Obilić 1912-1918" association, Zoran Kolundžija, director of the Prometheus publishing house and editor of the SERBIA 1914-1918 edition, Dr. Vidoje Golubović, Dr. Gordana Petković, senior curator of the Museum of the City of Novi Sad and author of the exhibition Dimitrije Vujadinović.

Published: 2022-12-04
  Updated: 2022-12-03

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