Call the owners of private collections in Vojvodina to be involved in the project - Referential Database

In the project - Development of private collection / museum in Vojvodina


Through the project Development of the private collection / museum in Vojvodina, in the preparation phase of the project is the referential database, which would encompass the collection of basic data about the collections in Vojvodina. The database would contain the following information: address, type of collection, number of cases, the degree of preservation, valorization, description and conceptuality collection, and other referential data. The database would contain data that speak in favor of the importance of collection that it has in the local community and its cultural, tourist and educational importance.


In this context, please collectors in Vojvodina to contact us and support our organization plan and the forthcoming collection of data on holdings / collections in Vojvodina.
We believe that there is a real need for the realization of this project in order to improve - not only the position of collectors, but also the contribution of local communities, tourist map of Vojvodina and the promotion of cultural heritage values.


You can contact us by tel / fax 021/553-830 or by mail at Balkankult Foundation, Djordja Jovanovica 9, 21000 Novi Sad. Our e-mail is

Published: 2010-03-04
  Updated: 2011-10-28

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